Why Jacob Grillhouse?

Jacob Grillhouse?

Here is why you should come
and visit us:

Special location, with a spacious and cozy terrace close to the forest, away from all the city fuss and buzz
The Josper oven-grill with charcoal which offers a particular flavour to our dishes
A wide range of carefully chosen wines
Warm and cozy atmosphere due to the fireplace that adorns the restaurant
The veal, beef and New Zealand lamb, thoroughly dry-aged
Unique and delicious recipes as works of art of our skilled chefs

About Us

We have chosen a special and unique location, close to the forest and the main tourist attraction in Transylvania (The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization – or The Open Air Museum).

We started from scratch and we designed a special place with glass walls, which offers our clients a relaxing and memorable view towards the forest. In addition, we put a fireplace in the center of the restaurant which will warm up the atmosphere, especially during the cold season. During the warm season, the specious terrace will be the perfect place for our clients to enjoy our delicious dishes.

Knowing all the advantages of the Josper oven-grill, we wanted it in our own kitchen, as it offers a unique flavour and maintains the freshness and juiciness of the meat cooked at high temperatures, carefully observed by our chefs.

The menu was designed to offer ... (read more) our clients a wide range of dishes, mainly based on grilled specialties. Thus, the beef, pork, duck, lamb, but also the fish and sea food will astound with taste and presentation. Let`s not forget about the delicious burgers with the same flavour from the Josper oven-grill. And when it comes to desserts, we have some mouth watering surprises in store for you.

You are welcome to enjoy all the advantages this place has to offer, particularly for Sibiu and we promise to always be open to any suggestions that you may have and that could help us improve this project.

Jacob Grillhouse Team.

Contact & Reservations

Restaurant open between 11:00 AM-12:00 AM (Kitchen open between 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM)


Dumbrava Forest, Sibiu (entrance to the Zoological Garden)


+40 369 809 060